Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back to school

I started school today and as the locals have also gone back to school there has been a distinct drop in the number of tourists in town. I’m glad I’m in a quieter area, the crowds are a bit much. I did venture in to town yesterday in search of the department store though, in need of a few more skivvies, and found Coin (pronounced like “go in” with a “c”) which is a wonderful shop with the most stylish clothes (and price tags to match). Labels darling. I wanted to buy everything, from shoes to cardies to wallets ETC, but just came out with a soft thin skivy on sale for 13 euro. I had actually planned a quiet day to rest my back and decided to go and check out the park right near me which looks very inviting on the map. Disappointed! I traversed the entire circumference only to find it completely walled in (said wall being about 4m high) with only locked gates around it. So much for a leisurely stroll through the greenery, hence why I ended up battling the crowds at the department store instead. I can’t wait to walk through the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti Palace but as you have to pay to go in, I want to have plenty of energy to make the most of it.

I bought a bike on Friday and felt ridiculously pleased with the world as I rode it away through the busy streets looking like a local. So local in fact that the next day someone stopped me to ask for directions. Shame I had to say sorry I don’t speak Italian. It really makes getting around easier although I’m finding those romantic cobbled stone streets suddenly a right pain in the yoo haa. Oh for a smooth road! Really not helpful for a painful back, speaking of which I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow after school and hoping for a miracle as I’m resorting to neurofen now which I don’t normally like to do. The bike I bought was the only used bike I could find at the 3 shops I visited and it is barely used at all. I wanted something old but instead it stands out like a shiny pink jewel everywhere I park it. I bought the heaviest grade lock that the shop sells after the girl told me she’s had 5 bikes stolen in 5 years. Apparently it can only be removed with some sort of blow torch so it’s unlikely the bike will be gone in the morning but I keep imagining that I’ll find parts missing – like the seat or the front wheel. Unfortunately it has to be outside at night, so I like to check out the window every now and then to make sure it’s still in one piece.

We had an easy day to start us off at school today. The vibe is relaxed and very friendly. The returning students were all kisses and hugs for each other and it feels like it will be a really good environment to be in. There are only 4 of us new students this term, all girls, one American, one English, one Russian, and me. Last spring they had 23. So we will be getting plenty of attention although some of our classes will be combined with others. Our teacher couldn’t be nicer. If it weren’t for my back I would be feeling good about everything. Instead I’m worried how I’m going to do the long hours of sitting. Hopeful the chiropractor will be able to set me straight.

I have REALLY REALLY loved getting your emails, thank you so much, I’ll will endeavour to reply to them all in time… I’ve started a photo album because I’m finding it hard to put the labels next to the photos in blogger. Here is the link: my photos

Allora, รจ tutto per oggi…

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