Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I haven't moved on from fruit and veg yet, I just got inspired by the only flowering plant in my backyard and decided I had to give it a go. I wasn't sure how to make it loose with all those details. Something to work on...

Monday, 29 June 2009

The three sisters

I struggled with this painting for a bit and nearly abandoned it completely. Having nothing to lose I let loose and actually ended up quite happy with it. It's my loosest yet!

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Simple but not so simple seeing that they go brown so quickly. I kind of had to guess at the right hand half, but I had mixed all the colours up first so not so bad.

Lemon Halves

Getting in the swing now and having fun! Pretty pleased with this effort, especially the plate (funnily enough).


Still trying to be painterly... ie. not too much Blending of colours.

Here's my reasoning from an artist called Kreutz:

In less grandiose terms, blending is also a problem because it’s not clear where to stop. Once you start feathering a little passage here and there, you want to do it everywhere and the picture gets softer and softer. Reworking areas becomes difficult because the perimeters are so vague that you can’t tell where one passage ends and another begins. Gradually the picture starts sliding into mud.

I'm really enjoying these quick paintings since I'm so Impatient. Learning heaps!

A tomato

I discovered some great artists who do 'Daily Paintings' and love the freedom of brush strokes. Now I'm trying to loosen up a little. Here is my first attempt at 'loooose'. ie. not very!

So I had another go with the same subject:

A little better...

Garlic, red onion and lemon

I struggled with the lemon looking flat and cut out, but some Carder Method forum members got me on the right track and it turned out alright. Really getting into fruit and veg now!

Pair of pears

Second painting using The Carder Method. I was pretty pleased with these. Starting to get into the swing of things and really enjoyed the 'organic' subject matter. No straight lines!

The Carder Method

I found The Carder Method online and was so impressed by the student works that I ordered the DVD. Here is the painting I did after reading all the theory, before receiving the dvd and getting properly set up...

And this is my first attempt using The Method, with all the gear (except I realised afterwards my studio lighting wasn't adequate - I was practically painting in the dark...)

I started painting!

This is my very first poor attempt at a still life using oils... not much chop.
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