Thursday, 29 October 2009


I'm not sure if the plural of iris is irises but anyway, there's more than one iris here in my latest painting. These were at the Bright caravan park and inspired me to have a go (from a photo once again).

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Here is my latest effort in oils... our neighbour (Brian) in the caravan park in Bright reading his paper by the river. I just met him and he loved the painting. Actually, since landscape painting is so hard because of the constantly changing light (ETC), I decided to do this from a photograph (see below) while still having the subject (for a while at least) in front of me for reference. This proved to be a good idea since eventually the light was completely different, Brian packed up and left, and another caravan arrived next to us that blocked my view of him completely. I think I may work this way from now on... I was much more relaxed because there wasn't as much urgency.

Monday, 19 October 2009

En Plein Air on the road

Vicki and I are on the road and I'm embarking on an 'en plein air' painting journey. After getting into a bit of a swing with oils in the studio, I'm feeling rather out of my depth. If only the clouds would hold still and the sun stop moving. Everything changes from minute to minute. Now it's sunny and warm, now it's cloudy, windy/raining and too cold to be outside. Much frustration and scraping off of paint!!! Watercolours have been great for a bit of indoor painting (since the weather has been so wet) from my photos displayed on the computer. I'll put up some of what I've done and hopefully over the next few months there'll be some development and progress. Thanks for looking!

Watercolour, Huskisson (from a photo)

Watercolour, Eden Caravan Park

Watercolour, Eden Lorikeet (from a photo) 

Oil, Warri

Oil, Mallacoota

Oil, Mallacoota

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