Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Smike Streeton Age 24

This is a portrait of Arthur Streeton, originally by Tom Roberts. I did my best to copy it for a local exhibition coming up called Fab Fakes. The mission is to copy the work of a painter that's been dead for over 50 years. It was a great experience, like having a master class in portraits with Tom Roberts himself. I have a whole new admiration for his brilliance at portraiture.

This is the original


  1. Hi,
    Hi,We have which is I presume a copy of the portrait of Smike Streeton. It is signed 'B Georges' The New South Wales museum has no record of anybody officially coming in to copy it post 1962. Ours looks a quality copy not exact (Jacket is light blue/green,hair has greyer tinge, 50 cm X 60cm on canvass. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Mike, I have no enlightening thoughts on that one but where did you get it from? If it was copied from the actual painting it would be a lot more accurate than mine which I did from a full page print in an art book I have. I was shocked after I had finished it to go and see the real thing (again). It had so much more depth and interesting colours which the print had managed to do away with. Well, it would certainly be interesting to know the history of your painting! If you find out anything more, do let me know =)


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