Framing ideas

When framing a small painting it is important to do it in a way that doesn't crop the edges of the painting. The most common framing methods will do this, making the painting appear even smaller, so here are 2 variations of a simple float frame for you to consider. This method is suitable for small paintings on wood panels (as opposed to works on canvas which might need a different approach).

Most frame styles will be suitable for this idea but choosing a good width will add to the overall size of the painting making it appear more substantial when it's hanging on the wall! In the first example (above), the painting is simply attached directly to MDF backing board that has been painted a sympathetic colour, leaving about half a centimetre all around. In the second example (below), again the painting is attached directly to the MDF backing board but in this instance the frame is flush with the edges of the painting so none of the board behind is showing.

For an 8x8" (20x20cm) painting the cost of both these frames at my local framer was A$33. Neither required matt board or glass so they are an economical framing option.

If you live on the Central Coast of NSW you could pop down to see Josh and Kathy at:

Central Coast Picture Framing
15/15 Clare-Mace Cres
Berkeley Vale, NSW 22261
(02) 4388 4038

Remember to mention me and they should know exactly what you are after... Otherwise, take these options to your own framer who might have other suggestions for you. If you have any other clever framing ideas feel free to let me know!

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